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Our services encompass all aspects of valuation vis-à-vis land, building, furniture, trade-stock, plant and machinery and other effects for all valuation purposes as may be required by the client.



Capital Value ◆ Rental Value ◆ Investment ◆ Mortgage Finance ◆ Leases ◆ Fire Insurance ◆ Liquidation ◆ Goodwill ◆ Corporate Real Estate Planning ◆ Leasehold Interest ◆ Auctioning ◆ Sale & Purchase ◆ Surrender & Renewal


Rating ◆ Stamp Duty ◆ Compulsory Acquisition ◆ Litigation ◆ Conversion ◆ Compensation for Land Acquisition


Plant & Machinery ◆ Going Concern ◆ Privatisation ◆ Equity Sharing ◆ Trusts


This aspect of professional service essentially entails the supervision of the development, coordinating the development team and determining the nature and performance of construction and disposition contracts.


(Property Research and Development Consultancy)

A feasibility study is undertaken at the pre-design stage for the intending developer / owners and the viability of an overall project determined to give the client an early indication of what he can expect for his investment. The assessment of all construction, operating and maintenance costs to establish the extent of commercial returns and the potential viability of a proposal development scheme.

Market study is to conduct and prepare market research for the purpose of determining the highest and best use of land and ascertaining appropriate development proposal.


The declaration of the value of the company’s assets is required by the Government authorities such as the Capital Issue Committee (CIC) or the Foreign Investment Committee (FIC) as the case may be to ensure that the company’s real assets are valued reasonably.

Valuers have been required to provide valuation for company purposes for many years. This purposes vary between values to be incorporated in the balance sheet or other accounts, values of a Company’s property assets to be incorporated in a prospectus when the company going for initial public offering exercise, Values of a company when it becomes subject of a takeover bid or merger and values of property bonds.


This much publicized investment vehicle has been recently introduced in the Malaysian property scene.

Our advice is often required in relation to the choice and performance of properties in terms of their income capability and capital growth so that investment made in these properties by unit holder will remain protected.


Consultancy services on property investments. The firm also has a division dealing primarily with research works involving:


1.The collection and assembly of market value and rental indicators systematically categorized into agricultural, residential, commercial and industries property sectors.

2.The collection and assembly of building construction cost estimates systematically categories into agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial property sectors.

3.Undertaking and preparing market feasibility studies for involving;

i.The purpose of supporting applications for securing loans.

ii.The purpose of submissions in securing approvals from the authorities in matters pertaining to development privatization schemes.

4.Preparing submission for the application of land conversion and subdivision A


Generally the task is to advise the client on the overall management and policies of the property portfolio with the objectives of maintaining maximum income derive from the client’s investments. The work schedule includes:


1.Maintenance works through periodic inspection

2.Carrying out valuation for insurance coverage Review assessment rates charged and proposed by local authority and preparing objection on behalf of the client

3.Administering rental collection, service charge, maintaining record of incomes, expenditure and making payments to contractors and consultants on behalf of the client

4.Acting on tenancy renewal, option to renew, re-letting, sub-letting, assignments, notice to quit, rent review and advising on covenants and conditions of the tenancy

5.Organizing security for the premises.

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